I am delighted to provide this glowing testimonial for our exceptional CFO Felix Rozenbaum, who has been an invaluable asset to The Cypress Condominium Association over the past year. As a resident and president board member, I have had the pleasure of witnessing his unwavering dedication to delivering top-notch CPA services, including taxes and accounting. His responsiveness and professionalism in providing guidance and consulting services have been instrumental in the success of our association.

From the onset, Felix has demonstrated a keen understanding of the unique financial needs of a condominium association. He has consistently gone above and beyond to ensure our financial records are accurate, up-to-date, and compliant with all relevant regulations. His expertise in tax planning and preparation has saved our association a significant amount of money and has enabled us to allocate our resources more effectively.

One of the most notable qualities of Felix is his responsiveness. He is always available to address any concerns or questions that arise, and their ability to provide clear, concise explanations has been greatly appreciated by our board and residents alike. Moreover, his proactive approach to identifying potential financial issues and presenting innovative solutions has made our decision-making process much smoother.

In addition to his technical skills, our CFO’s professionalism and collaborative nature have been key factors in building trust and fostering a positive working relationship with our board and management team. He has consistently shown a genuine interest in the well-being of our community and has played an integral role in helping us navigate the complexities of condominium association finances.

In conclusion, Felix’s exceptional performance over the past year has greatly benefited The Cypress Condominium Association. His comprehensive CFO/CPA services, combined with their responsiveness and professionalism, have made a significant positive impact on our community. We are grateful for his unwavering commitment and look forward to their continued success in the years to come.

Benjamin Yoon - President, The Cypress Condominium Association

Felix has played a major role in setting our building financials on the right path! When we initially engaged Felix, our building’s finances were extremely disorganized, and the Board needed his expertise to undergo a major assessment of the current financial status and a long-term strategy for the building. Felix did an amazing job of organizing our books, preparing our taxes, and creating a secure and accurate billing/invoicing process. There are also several instances where he has found ways to save our building money and participated in the negotiation of several of our contracts. He is highly knowledgeable in his field and we are very lucky to have him on our team.

Jennifer Young - President, WTC

Felix is very knowledgeable. He is thorough and to the point – he makes sure he solves the issue. He lets us know if something comes up and is always prompt to respond. Felix’s services have helped our building manage expenses, build reserves, and keep maintenance fees unchanged for the last nine years! Most importantly, integrity is #1 with Felix. I would definitely refer him

Nicola Vendola - Vice President, Murano Place Condominium

Whenever someone mentions their tax problems or tax situations to me I always recommend Felix. With Felix you can ask as many questions as you like; he is always there for you. He has a vast knowledge of accounting and business, and he is a very honest individual. Some of the accountants that I dealt with before, they practice creative accounting. That is not what you will get with Felix.

Simon M - President, Murano Place Condominium

Condo CFO has been a complete game-changer for our building. Prior to finding Felix, we fumbled our way through so many different management companies and our finances were a disaster. (Sadly I’m sure we lost a good bit of money along the way too.) Felix came in and straightened it all out! He accounts for EVERY penny while also making suggestions on other saving opportunities he notices. He is trustworthy, frugal, and easy to get ahold of – these are great qualities in the person overseeing your money!  I never want our building to lose him – his services have been SO impactful.

Carol Stark - Treasurer, Windsor Tower

252 West Owners Corp is a six-unit self-managed brownstone co-op. Over the years, self-managing our co-op had become too much for our small group. We are very fortunate to have contracted with Felix Rozenbaum of Condo CFO to be our outside financial manager. Over the past three years, he has become a vital, valued part of our co-op. He handles it all – from paying bills to advising us and keeping up with the morass of NYC rules and regulations, to handling our income taxes and annual budgets.

Felix has been a “godsend.” He is trustworthy, reliable, patient, and very accessible. His expertise and friendly manner have brought us all relief and peace of mind as we know our finances are being looked after professionally and promptly. We would enthusiastically recommend him to any co-op or condominium association that is looking for help with their finances.

Lynn Caroll - President, 252 West

He is fantastic. Every time I have a problem, big or sometimes small – anything – I will call Felix. He shows me how to do things that I didn’t know how to do or was doing incorrectly. He cares about his clients; he explains and shows how they have to manage to be within the law.

Lena Pylayeva - President, Sunrise Condominium

Managing our small COOP’s finances had become increasingly time-consuming. We didn’t want the expense of a full-service management company, and Felix fit the bill perfectly. He manages everything very efficiently and set up the system online so we retain a clear view of current finances and are part of the bill approval process. We couldn’t be happier with our decision to work with Felix.

Howard Musk - Treasurer, 252 West