Condos and co-ops have complex financial management needs.

The organization isn’t technically considered a business, but running it efficiently and managing its resources wisely takes the same level of specialized knowledge, expertise and attention to detail. And like a business, each homeowners association is different, with specific goals to achieve and challenges to meet. Imagine if you could have a private CFO for your HOA – someone who actually understands how a homeowners association operates and is committed to helping you reduce costs, minimize risk and build value. Now you can.

Condo CFO recognizes your HOA’s unique needs and offers comprehensive solutions tailored to meet them. Whether your building is self-managed or relies on property management professionals, we provide condo and co-op focused accounting and financial advisory services that help you operate successfully and meet your goals.

From routine matters like bill-paying, payroll and collections to larger issues such as taxes, compliance with labor laws, budgeting and financial statements, Condo CFO helps your HOA stay on top of all the financial issues that affect your ongoing operations and, ultimately, your property value. Using the latest secure cloud accounting technologies, we make it easy for you to meet your financial and legal responsibilities, and find the information and answers that help you make educated decisions with services like:

  • Bill payments
  • Payroll processing
  • Invoices and collections of homeowners association fees and assessments
  • Bank statement reconciliation
  • Monthly and quarterly financial statements
  • Budgeting and financial planning
  • Federal, state and local tax returns
  • Form 1099 for vendors
  • Representation in IRS, unemployment or workers’ compensation audits
  • Board communications
  • Estoppel certificates and information for buyers and sellers

Our services are designed to keep you informed all year around while saving you money, time and hassle. Even major undertakings like audits are easier (and less costly) when you have an experienced CPA ready with detailed records and clear accounting. With Condo CFO on your team, you don’t have to worry. We make living in your building a pleasure, not a struggle. Contact the firm today and learn how we can help your homeowners association.