Lynn Caroll

252 West Owners Corp is a six-unit self-managed brownstone co-op. Over the years, self-managing our co-op had become too much for our small group. We are very fortunate to have contracted with Felix Rozenbaum of Condo CFO to be our outside financial manager. Over the past three years, he has become a vital, valued part of our co-op. He handles it all – from paying bills to advising us and keeping up with the morass of NYC rules and regulations, to handling our income taxes and annual budgets.

Felix has been a “godsend.” He is trustworthy, reliable, patient, and very accessible. His expertise and friendly manner have brought us all relief and peace of mind as we know our finances are being looked after professionally and promptly. We would enthusiastically recommend him to any co-op or condominium association that is looking for help with their finances.